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7 Must-Read Books Released in March

7 Must-Read Books Released in March

It's spring... theoretically.


Despite the fact that it should be warming up, I've spent the last several weeks shivering my ass off.

Why so chilly? Well, I depended on the weather to be... dependable… and started dressing accordingly.

I should have known better, really.

Just like Drake only loves his bed and his momma, I should only really depend on my books and my boxed wine.


This month, my trust in books as a reliable source of happiness was, once again, proven well-founded.

Though warm temperatures may not be here yet — in the midwest at least. Shut up California. We know. It's beautiful — what did arrive this March was a whole new crop of amazing reads.

Check out these 7 dependably awesome reads that hit shelves this March.

The Last 8
By Laura Pohl

Last 8

by Laura Pohl

Genre - Young Adult Science Fiction

Release Date - March 5, 2019

Clover Martinez always fancied herself a strong survivor. Most teens who exhibit the same level of potentially cocky confidence never really have the opportunity to put their money where their mouths are. But fortunately — errrr… unfortunately — for Clover, she gets the chance to prove herself. And she’s successful in doing also as, when aliens invade Earth, she survives despite the efforts of these galactic marauders to completely obliterate life on this planet.

For a time, Clover thinks she is the lone survivor of this attack.

But, when she hears a mysterious voice on the radio, she realizes that, while now certainly the  minority, there are still other humans hanging on to life on Earth.

Clover agrees to join forces with a group of other survivors, who call themselves The Last Teenagers on Earth — I know, a bit on the nose if you ask me.

But when she arrives at their agreed upon compound — a location that use to be referred to as Area 51 — she finds not only that things aren’t as she expected, but that she might not truly be able to trust anyone after all.

The Last Dog on Earth
By Adrian J. Walker

The Last Dog on Earth

by Adrian J Walker

Genre - Dystopian Fiction

Release Date - March 5, 2019

The end of the world is sort of a worst-case-scenario situation for anyone. But it’s particularly problematic for Reg, an agoraphobic writer who calls London home.

Because he thinks it’s his best bet — and because he’s too fucking scared to do anything else — he decides to respond to the riots that now surround his home by doing… well… basically nothing.

Fortunately, Reg has a partner in his survival efforts, a mutt named Lineker.

It would seem that all is going well for Reg and Lineker, the eponymous last dog on Earth. That is until an orphan shows up on the doorstep of Reg’s quite humble compound. This development forces the previously contented duo to brave the world they have so-long avoided in an effort to save not just their new dependent but also themselves.    

Woman 99: A Novel
By Greer Macallister

Woman 99

by Greer Macallister

Genre - Historical Fiction

Release Date - March 5, 2019

Charlotte Smith’s life has always been a comfortable one. Raised by relatively wealthy parents in the exclusive neighborhood of Nob Hill, she has long had a pretty clear vision of what her future would look like.

Fortunately, Charlotte has been okay with the expectations foisted upon her by the rigid rules of the late 1800’s.

She’s content to be married.

To run a household.

To have children.

In fact, she’s been actively working towards the accomplishment of these goals, courting a desirable prospect — who, conveniently enough, she has also fallen in love with.

It appears that all will work out swimmingly for Charlotte. Until, that is, her world is turned upside down. When she learns that her parents have quite a different matrimonial plan for their youngest — and only marriageable — daughter, Charlotte is understandably bereft.

Making matters worse, her sister, Phoebe — a woman who has long been subject to unpredictable spells — tries to come to Charlotte’s defense. Her parents, who don’t take kindly to this interference, send Phoebe to Goldengrove, an asylum designed to treat the curably insane.

With her only ally gone, Charlotte’s focus shifts entirely. Now her central — and really, only — concern is securing Phoebe's freedom. And she can think of only one way to accomplish this goal: to go into Goldengrove herself and get Phoebe out.  

Between the Lies
By Michelle Adams

Between the Lies

by Michelle Adams

Release Date - March 5, 2019

Genre - Thriller

When Chloe Daniels awoke in the hospital the situation was… jarring… to say the least.

She didn’t remember how she had gotten there.

She didn’t remember the people claiming to be her family.

She didn’t even remember her own name.

Light on options, though, she tries her best to pick up where she left off in the life she doesn’t have any recollection of.

When Chloe heads home with her family, she commits herself to trusting them and depending on them to help her rediscover who she was before her accident.

But the more she learns, the less things seem to add up. Try as she might, she just can’t shake the suspicion that someone is lying to her. Now she faces a new dilemma. She must decide how hard is she willing to push to uncover the truth between the lies?

Until the Day I Die: A Novel
By Emily Carpenter

Until the Day I Die

by Emily Carpenter

Genre - Thriller

Release Date - March 12, 2019

Potentially to alleviate their guilt over shirked responsibilities, many vacation goers contend that they, “deserve a vacation.”

Usually, this… isn’t true.

For Erin Gaines, though, it completely is.

Though she’s had some stellar things happen in recent years — most specifically, the take-off of her tech company — she’s also experienced more than her fair share of heartache.

As if her husband’s sudden death wasn’t enough, she now feels like she’s also losing her daughter, Shorie, who seems to be increasingly pulling away from the mother to whom she was once close.

Though Erin knows that venturing off to a spa resort on a Caribbean island won’t cure her problems, it might just give her the renewed energy she needs to tackle them.

Shorie, though, doesn’t think this trip is such a good idea. She has long ago stopped trusting many of the business associates Erin holds closest to her.

Though Erin has always dismissed the concerns Shorie raised, as she settles into the remote jungle in which she is supposed to relax and recuperate, she begins to think that maybe she should have trusted her daughter’s intuition after all.

The Things We Cannot Say
By Kelly Rimmer

The Things We Cannot Say

by Kelly Rimmer

Genre - Historical Fiction

Release Date - March 19, 2019

For the most part, Alina Dziak’s life has been simple, but happy.

Growing up on a farm in rural Poland, her family always had what they needed to get by, even if there wasn’t often much extra left over for luxuries.

As she approaches womanhood, it seems that things are about to get even better for Alina. She has fallen in love with Tomasz, the son of the town doctor. Even better, he has fallen in love with her, too.

With the two betrothed and Tomasz headed to Warsaw to follow in his father’s footsteps and train to practice medicine, it seems that Alina’s future happiness is all but assured.

But then, what started as some conflict at the border grows into something so much more.

The Nazis invade Poland and, almost overnight, Alina’s world is thrust into disarray.

Now her hope isn’t that she will be happy, but simply that she will survive.

With Tomasz seemingly a world away, she prays that, somehow, he will find a way to return to her, bringing with him the promise of a happy future — something that, at this point, seems an impossibility.


My Lovely Wife
By Samantha Downing

My Lovely Wife

by Samantha Downing

Genre - Thriller

Release Date - March 26, 2019

Millicent and her husband have a happy home in the suburbs.

They’ve worked hard to build a comfortable life for their two children and, from the outside, it would appear that they have.

But there is more to this couple than meets the eye.

In their 15 years of marriage, they have shared everything — including some deep, dark secrets.

Now the couple finds themselves atop a new precipice.

Though they are happy, things have gotten a bit… stale.

And if there is one thing Millicent and her husband know for sure it’s that keeping the spark alive for them is going to take a lot more than instituting a weekly date night.


They are going to have to do something… big.

Fortunately for them — but potentially unfortunately for those around them — they have the joint courage and charisma to do whatever it takes to keep their marriage alive.

"No Exit" by Taylor Adams

"No Exit" by Taylor Adams

"The Things We Cannot Say" by Kelly Rimmer

"The Things We Cannot Say" by Kelly Rimmer