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11 Must-Read Books Coming Out this June

11 Must-Read Books Coming Out this June

Am I beach body ready?

Fuck no.

Never have been, never will be.

Mainly because the only exercise class I’m interested in would be one that looks like this:


But, am I beach read ready?

Fuck yes.

All day, every day.

giphy (1).gif

I am about as outdoorsy as Westerville, Ohio, home of the prohibition movement, is a hip and happening hub of nightlife.

That is to say, not at all.

Despite this, there is something irresistible about squinching your toes in the sand — or threading them through the vinyl slats of the deck chair at the YMCA pool, if your summer plans aren't quite so exotic —  while diving into the world of a book.

And, as if your to-read shelf isn't sufficiently overflowing, this June will see the launch of some ridiculously irresistible reads.

Check out the 11 we think everyone will be chatting about poolside.

The President is Missing

by Bill Clinton and James Patterson

Release Date - June 4, 2018

Genre - Thriller

The President Is Missing: A Novel
By James Patterson, Bill Clinton

Anyone living in 2018 America should be relatively accustom to political uncertainty, but the threat that exists at the start of this co-written thriller makes our current political climate look downright stable — which is really fucking saying something.

The book opens on a worried and uncertain Washington. Politicians and citizens alike are living in fear that a traitor in the president's cabinet stands poised to undermine the political process.

And, worse yet, some suggest that the traitor in question could be the president himself.

But then, the president goes missing.

Is he being held by enemies of the state, aiming to disrupt the government? Or did the president depart from the White House of his own volition?

Is it possible that the person the American people entrusted with the most prominent position of power is actually working against them?

*Disclaimer - Literally, this book could be a compilation of Clinton-family grocery lists from 1963 - 2017, and I would still have bought it and read it… while wearing my “Clinton - Train to the 21st Century” shirt from his re-election run.  

Something in the Water

by Catherine Steadman

Release Date - June 5, 2018

Genre - Thriller

Something in the Water: A Novel
By Catherine Steadman

Documentarian, Erin, and Investment Banker, Mark, really do have it all.

They have professional success.

They have money.

And they have love.

But the foundation on which they’ve established this enviable life is rocked when, while scuba diving on their honeymoon in Bora Bora, they find something in the water.

Do they pretend they never found it?

Or do they disclose their discovery, despite the fact that doing so will put themselves in a potentially dangerous position?

Whatever choice they make, there will be consequences. Consequences substantial enough to damage the life they’ve built together beyond repair.

The Opposite of Here

by Tara Altebrando

Release Date - June 5, 2018

Genre - YA Thriller

The Opposite of Here
By Tara Altebrando

When Natalie’s parents take her and three friends on a seventeenth birthday sail-a-bration cruise, it seems like the perfect opportunity for her to have some rest and relaxation.

Something Natalie desperately needs.

Having lost her boyfriend as the result of an accident only a few months prior, Natalie has been dealing with some complex emotions.

But she has to move on.

She knows this.

She just doesn’t know how.

As the ship cuts through the surf, it appears that the universe is giving her a sign. She meets a cute guy with whom she has an immediate connection. But when Natalie goes to change into her swimsuit, she comes back to find him gone.

Did he change his mind and go back to his cabin?

Or, is it possible… could he have jumped?

Natalie turns to her friends for help, but she finds that they’re acting...odd. As if they’re hiding something.

Now Natalie has no one to whom to turn, no way to clear her confusion, and no path to escape her discomfort.

She has to face the issues — both this new one, and the lingering ones — head on because, on a cruise ship, there is no escape.

Blood Will Out

by Jo Treggiari

Release Date - June 5, 2018

Genre - YA Thriller

Blood Will Out
By Jo Treggiari

There’s bad days… and then there’s really bad days.

When Ari Sullivan wakes up at the bottom of a cistern, it becomes apparent pretty much immediately that today is going to be one of the latter.

Though she’s alive — for the time being, at least — she’s injured and confused.

She doesn’t remember exactly how she got there, and she certainly has no idea how to escape — if escape is even possible.

But Ari may soon have company, because the once quiet streets of Stroud Bellows have become the new favorite hunting grounds for a predator with gruesome intentions that extend far beyond the capture of Ari.

Lying in Wait

by Liz Nugent

Release Date - June 12, 2018

Genre - Thriller

The heavily filtered pictures that contemporary families post of their most well choreographed moments make the world look a lot rosier than it actually is.

Though some argue that Instagram perfection is creating unrealistic expectations, this isn’t really as new a phenomenon as some would propose.

In fact, people have always been selectively displaying the most perfect versions of themselves and their loved ones — and keeping their skeletons locked in the backs of their closets.

Take Lydia Fitzsimons, for example. A successful judge and beloved wife, she seems to have it all.

But none of it’s true.

Lydia has been keeping a secret for a long time.

But now that her son, Laurence, has discovered it, the truth might make itself known.

Though no one knows what that will mean for Lydia and her family, it’s certain to have a lasting impact.

And it’s for this reason that Lydia is insistent on keeping the truth hidden.

But what lengths will she go to to ensure that this happens?

Jar of Hearts

by Jennifer Hillier

Release Date - June 12, 2018

Genre - Thriller

Jar of Hearts
By Jennifer Hillier

Though it’s been 14 years since high school student Angela Wong disappeared, she hasn’t been forgotten. Not by Kaiser Brody. And not by her best friend, Georgina Shaw, or Geo.

So, when her remains are discovered in the woods not far from Geo’s childhood home, Kaiser, now working for Seattle PD, is eager to be assigned to the case.

As the authorities inspect her remains, they discover, horrifyingly, that Angela was actually a victim of serial killer Calvin James.

While Calvin might have been nothing but a monster to everyone else, to Geo, he was a first boyfriend and true love.

With the remains of her former best friend resting so close to Geo’s home, and Geo inarguably connected to Calvin, it appears that this best friend may have actually played a role in the death of Angela.

But as authorities dig deeper, they discovered truths darker than they would have ever imagined.

Then, new bodies start to turn up, suggesting that someone is resuming the murder spree, putting everyone at risk and making uncovering the truth a truly urgent matter.

Tell Me Lies

by Carola Lovering

Release Date - June 12, 2018

Genre - Literary Fiction / Thriller

Tell Me Lies: A Novel
By Carola Lovering

Relationships are a delicate dance between two people.

Revealing just enough, but not too much.

Caring just enough, but not too much.

Hoping just enough, but not too much.

When Lucy Albright comes to college, she’s excited for only two things: freedom and adventure.

But shortly after transplanting on the west coast, she meets Stephen DeMarco.

And they begin this dance.

Stephen wants to win Lucy’s heart — and does, pretty much immediately — but he’s got baggage that may make keeping it exceedingly difficult.

Following Lucy and Stephen through college and beyond, Tell me Lies provides a no-holds-barred insight into what it means to be in love, what it means to be hurt and what it means to truly be an adult.  


by Caroline Kepnes

Release Date - June 19, 2018

Genre - Thriller

Providence: A Novel
By Caroline Kepnes

Jon and Chloe are basically Sam and Diane from Cheers…  Ross and Rachel from Friends… Sidney and Vaughn from Alias

They are the the guy and girl that people are ‘shipping the hell out of.

So imagine everyone’s frustration when, just as Jon is about to make his move, he’s kidnapped.

But then, four years later, he shows up again. He’s bigger. He’s stronger. And he has no recollection of what happened to him during his absence.

Logically, he’s eager to start back up with Chloe. And he’s just about to when he’s cock-blocked again by the discovery that he has powers that could put Chloe at risk.

Not wanting her harmed, he knows he has to distance himself.

Meanwhile, in Providence, Rhode Island, college-aged kids start dropping dead.

Detective Charles “Eggs” DeBenedictus smells something rotten - pun totally intended.

As he digs for answers, he ties all of the strings together and discovers a truth he could never have anticipated.

Bring Me Back

by B.A. Paris

Release Date - June 19, 2018

Genre - Thriller

Bring Me Back: A Novel
By B. A. Paris

When his girlfriend, Layla, went missing, Finn told the police the truth.

Or, at least, a version of the truth.

But, despite his efforts to help, Layla was never found.

When she’s officially presumed dead, Finn tries to carry on with his life.

He meets a new girl — Layla’s sister, to be exact — and starts to build a new life.

But now, ten years later, he starts receiving tokens and letters that suggest that Layla is both very much alive and very much eager to pick up where she left off with Finn.

Part of Finn wants Layla back in his life.

But another part of him wants her to just stay disappeared.

The question is, which part is stronger?

Find You In the Dark

by Nathan Ripley

Release Date - June 19, 2018

Genre - Thriller

When I was a child, I collected decorative soaps.

I always told people it was a “clean hobby”.

I was punny even in my youth.

I’ve always thought that my hobby was a relatively distinctive, but it doesn’t hold a candle the hobby Martin Reese prefers.

For years he’s been buying police files on the black market. Keeping this pastime of choice secret from his wife and daughter, he dedicates any waking minute he can to digging through the files and looking for clues as to where victims’ bodies may rest.

He’s feels like he’s doing a service, finding these victims and informing police of their location.

The police don’t necessarily agree. Especially Sandra Whittal, who sees the work of this anonymous informant as crossing some serious lines.

And, as if having Whittal after him isn’t enough, Reese soon finds himself catching the attention of a serial killer — one who has a vested interest in getting Reese to give up the hunt once and for all, even if that means turning Reese into one of the victims he’s spent so much time hunting for.

Before and Again

by Barbara Delinsky

Release Date - June 26, 2018

Genre - Literary Fiction

Before and Again: A Novel
By Barbara Delinsky

Mackenzie Cooper lost a lot when she let her eyes flick off the road for a moment.

She lost her daughter.

She lost her marriage.

And she even lost her friends.

With her life decimated, she decides to start anew. She moves and changes her name to Maggie Reid, hoping that these steps will enable her to live out the rest of her probation at least relatively peacefully.

But even when you don’t seek the spotlight it can land on you.

And that’s what happens when a friend’s son is accused of hacking a twitter account.

Now Maggie is torn between abandoning the new life she’s worked so hard to build or facing the risk of her true identify being uncovered.

Can she deal with building a whole new life again when she’s already done it once?


"The Universe is Expanding and So Am I" by Carolyn Mackler

"The Universe is Expanding and So Am I" by Carolyn Mackler

"Bring Me Back" by B.A. Paris

"Bring Me Back" by B.A. Paris