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7 Questions with Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

7 Questions with Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke

Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke are #goals.

No, seriously.

Talking to them makes me super grouchy with my college roommate, Jennifer who, while an awesome BFF, is not a stellar writing partner.

Lovers of thrillers will recognize this duo as the Amazon bestselling co-authors of Girls Night Out and The Two Lila Bennetts.

Recently, we had the chance to pose some questions to this team. We took full advantage of this opportunity, asking them about writing in general and The Two Lila Bennetts in particular.

Check out their responses, below.

1. What's your favorite drink?

Liz: Tito’s and soda with a lemon twist

Lisa: Meiomi Pinot Noir

2. Where and when do you write?

Liz: I love to write early in the morning, either in my office or in this hipster-ish coffee shop near my house.

Lisa: I write whenever the mood strikes. And I write anywhere—the library, the carpool line, my office, my back yard. You name it! 

3. What does your prewriting process look like?

It’s pretty simple. We have a major brainstorming session once we’ve decided on an idea. We’ll outline the major plot points and the first few chapters, and then dive right in! 

4. What's up next?

We just turned in How To Save a Life, which will release next summer. It’s a dark love story that will have your heart pounding! We can’t wait for you to read it!

5. Lila Bennett is definitely flawed. Yet, as I read, I couldn't help but feel for her despite her often seriously amoral behavior. How did you endear readers to this character who initially seems so unlikable?

It’s important when developing a character to make sure you show the reader WHY he/she is the way they are. For instance, there were things in Lila’s past that led her down the path she was on. And no person is all good or all bad, and neither was Lila. Even though none of us are like Lila, we’re sure there are small things in her to which we all can relate. 

6. How did you learn enough about the law to realistically write Lila Bennett? Did you just marathon a ton of The Good Wife (which is, to be honest, what I would have done)?

Ha! Well, to be honest, we have watched a ton of The Good Wife! But we have several attorney friends that read an early draft and gave us notes, so we didn’t sound like idiots! 

7. Where do you think Lila Bennett will be ten years after the end of this book?

*Spoiler Alert* We hope she’s made real change. And not just to win Ethan back, but because she truly wants to be a better person. Maybe she’s working at a non-profit helping others? And we can guarantee she’ll never wear a pencil skirt EVER AGAIN! 

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